5 Bedroom Design Hacks That Can Induce Sleep

Sleep is very important to us. This is the time to rest our tired body after a day of hard work and stress. Unfortunately, not all people have the ability catch some snooze immediately once they hit the sack, and their rooms might be one of the reasons.

An expert in residential interior design in Dubai provided some tips to help people having difficulty get some shut-eye to design their space for a good night’s sleep:

  • Mind your storage

Some people think that storage is only to keep your things out of the way, and they can do away with it in the bedroom. They can hide their things under their beds and closet. But a study indicated that a messy space can affect the quality of sleep of the room owner. Having storage bins will help clear the space, make it easier in the eyes and take the stress out of your body. This can lead to a good night’s sleep.

  • Block out the lights

This is important, especially when your schedule is opposite the usual work time. If you are trying to achieve a good night’s sleep during the day, be sure that your room is as dark as possible. A hint of light can awake your consciousness and disturb your sleep. Use blinds or dark and thick curtains to block out the lights.

  • Out with the mirrors

There is an old belief in Feng Shui that placing a mirror inside the space would help increase the energy inside the space. But if you place it inside your room, it might give you a restless night sleep and cause continuous sleep distraction. Try to remove or cover up your room mirrors. Some people think that this is just in old belief, but there is no harm in trying.

  • Make your bed

If you are the type of person who doesn’t make your bed, then it is high time to change that habit. A messy bed is considered as another form of clutter. And when the space is cluttered, it can tip the balance and energy in the space and cause sleep disruption. Making your bed will not only help you sleep better but also a good way to start your day.

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