5 Tips When Process Mapping Your Business Workflow

A business workflow is essential to any business. This serves as your reference for creating output based on the company’s requirements and standards. Unfortunately, some businesses operate without a proper system and processes. Although some companies were able to operate in such condition, but in the long run, it might affect how a company operates.

Which is why it is important for companies to create system workflow that would serve as their guide. If you are in the process of creating one, here are some tips that might help you out:

  1. Define process scope

When you are creating a process map for a business process, the first thing that you need to do is to identify the start and end of the process. As opposed to creating a process map by mapping out the entire process, starting your mapping by identifying where the process begins and where it ends. This would give you a clearer view of the output and what processes and steps would lead to achieve the end-results.

  1. List the steps in between

Once you identify the start and end-results, the next step would be to list down all the action steps in between. Be as detailed and specific as possible. Experts in SAP in Dubai said that breaking down the steps in granular level would prevent you from missing something when you roll out the workflow.

  1. Arrange the actions or steps

When all the action steps has been identified and listed, it is now time to rearrange everything. What you need to remember when rearrange your action steps is not only the order of things but what steps can be inter-connected to simplify the process.

  1. Create a system model

To visualize the system that you created, it would be best to draft a model. This would help you see the bigger picture and see if there are still some things you can change, adjust or eliminate. The map model can also be used when it is time to relay the process to employees and stakeholder. You can explain it better using a visual guide.

  1. Check and optimize the process map

Before you roll out your process map, be sure to review everything. If there are adjustments that you need to make, do it before you distribute it to everybody.

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