Auditors and tax consultants – you need them more than you think

Truth to be told, every single business around the world no matter how big or small, needs to hire auditors and tax consultants. The reason is simple, you need to bring your accounts and transactions in proper order. If you are interested in doing business in Dubai, doing it in one of those free zones will bring you a number of benefits. Note that Dubai free zones offer plenty of incentives and fast ownership of business which is not the case with mainland businesses.

What to do?

On the other hand, your DMCC business needs to hire from amongst the top audit firms in DMCC Dubai as soon as possible. Auditing is crucial for the survival of every business in the world. We live in the global village and to make sure we manage to live successfully, we must ensure that our dues are paid and revenues checked. Doing so is obviously not easy and should done with caution but at the same time it is also important to keep an eye on other factors as well. For instance, not that VAT tax is in place in UAE, you should also look forward to becoming an affiliate of that program.


It will bring your business more incentives but this time you will get a share of the tax you’ve collected on the manufacturing process. You will include the value of tax to the finished goods and will collect the tax in the final price. Note that hiring VAT consultant will make it easy to collect the tax, calculate it, and segregate your share from the one to be sent to the government. Here is more on why auditing and taxation is so pivotal to businesses these days:

Quality services

Hiring a tax consultant is important as he will help you collect and send it over to the government. It is by no means easy so you should look for a consultant that knows how to do it. Same is the case with auditing firm that you were carving to hire. Now that you have one in sight, all you need to do is to indulge into deliberations before giving the final go. Once the deliberations are over, you need to ensure one last time that the service you are about to hire fits the bill. Note that hiring a tax consultant may take more time than you what you had in mind but don’t bother. As long as you don’t find a suitable tax consultant in Dubai, you should continue your search.