5 Things You Can Give To Soon-To-Be Moms

Expectant moms are in for an adventure, especially when their little one arrives. To be able to cope up with upcoming challenges of motherhood, they need all the help they can get to make their journey seamless and less stressful.

If a friend is nearing her due, be sure to give them the following presents to aid them with their motherhood journey:

  1. Newborn gift baskets

Expectant moms may not have the time to complete their little one’s essentials since they are focused on giving birth. If that is the case, giving these new moms newborn baby girl gift baskets     is a must. Be sure to ask these soon-to-be moms about the baby essentials they need so you can shop the right items. You can put together your own gift set or check out gift shops that offer ready-made baskets.

  1. Mom care package

Apart from giving baby essentials, you can also provide new moms some care package they can use after delivery. You need to keep in mind these new moms might have the time to shop for their own essentials. Try to come up with the list of care package and know what brands these moms like. It would be best you can wrap them lovingly and send an encouraging note to help them get through the challenges of motherhood.

  1. Motherhood journal

Some moms want to document their journey – from the moment their little bub is delivered, up to the moment they go to school. If this is the case, a plush mommy journal might be the perfect gift. There are a number of motherhood journals available in the market today. But it would be best to give them a journal that has some features they can use for their journey, like health tracking and reminder for kid’s vaccination.

  1. Bunch of diapers

Being a new mom is a tall order, and at times, going to the grocery can be challenge itself. Help these new moms by giving them a bunch of baby needs to lessen their trips to the grocery. You need to keep in mind that moms need all the time they can get to rest. Giving them a box of diapers might help them a little bit on their chores.

  1. Nursing aids

Breastfeeding and nursing is one of the tough challenges most new mothers struggle with. Help these new moms by providing them with breastfeeding aids to ease their journey. Breastfeeding aids include breast pumps, milk bags, and breast pads.

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