The desert is considered a symbol for sadness, emptiness, dry and barren land. But in Dubai, you will experience an entirely different side of the desert. Desert safari in UAE offers a fun filled, thrill packed experience of desert that will make you fell in love with desert and it's beautiful landscape. There is so much that you can do in the desert that you will not be able to experience anywhere else.

There are a number of fun activities and desert sports that will altogether change your prospective about the desert. One of the top thrill-packed activities that you will indulge in desert safari tour is dune bashing. You can take the adventure to the next level by taking a quad bike run with your friends and family. You might have had tried ice skiing, during desert safari tour you can have sand skiing that you won’t find anywhere other than a desert. Another amazing activity that you will love is camel ride. If you haven’t tried traditional arabic foods before so, food and BBQ at the camp side will satisfy your taste buds with traditional arabic food. To spread some extra colors to the scene belly dance performers will make some mesmerizing moves that you will surely admire.

If you are going for a desert safari tour, following are a few tips that will make your trip much more exciting and comfortable:

Consider your clothes

Remember, the desert has a high temperature. This particularly holds true if you are going for a desert safari tour in day times. This is why it is important that you must wear comfortable clothes. It is highly recommended for you to choose loose, cotton, casual wear to feel comfortable during your tour. You will be dealing with sand at each step in the desert. To avoid troubles with sand, wear open shoes.

Protect yourself

To protect yourself against direct exposure to sun and the dry environment of the desert, you must take certain steps. It is highly recommended for you to apply sunblock creams, hats, sunglasses and a scarf for maximum protection against the sun and sand.

Choose the best time slot

There are morning desert safari tours, evening desert safari tours and overnight desert safari tours as well. Although the temperature will be extremely hot during the day time, but as the sun will start going down, it will get quite cooler. Moreover, winter is the ideal season to go to the desert if you want to enjoy it at its fullest.


Dubai – UAE

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019